What Training Is Involved in Becoming a Nature Guide?

If South Africa is a country that you find intriguing then chances are you would love to explore more of it or even set up a career in this country. If so then you might want to consider the training that is involved in cape-town-772248_960_720becoming a nature guide.

By doing so it will allow you to take tourists on tours by providing guided walk tours and drives.

To begin your new journey into this type of career you would need to start at a level I training course. You will have to be prepared to dedicate some serious time to your nature guide training, as well as to the curriculum that is in place for field guides at the level I entry.

Some of the topics that will be focused on during your training will be the basics of how to guide in a natural environment. You will also learn the skills to create a excellent guide experience for those that will be joining you on your excursions.

While learning the terrain of this area you will be focusing on geology as well as climate and weather. Don’t be surprised to learn that astronomy will be part of your training agenda. You will have to learn about the ecology and the biomes of South Africa. This is just a few of the highlights of what will be in your training program.

Throughout the courses that are offered there are specific criteria that must be met in order for you to become certified as a nature guide in this country. The training authority for becoming a nature guide and going through the proper training is governed by the Field Guides Association of Southern Africa. This is the governing body that sets the criteria and mandate for the education required for this type of industry.