Tour Guide Opportunities in South Africa

If you are living in South Africa or plan to relocate there one of the careers that you may want to seriously consider is getting into the Tourist Guide industry. South Africa is a big a tourist district for those in particular that love nature. An African safagarden-route-01ri is on the top of the list for many that love to travel. This supports the Tour Guide industry as one that is most favorable for this country.

Due to its popularity there have been stringent rules put in place and South Africa guides must be registered with the Provincial Tourism Department. In addition to this, they are only able to operate within the area where they have received their registration and training. Tourist guiding is a big industry and for those Tour Guides that are going to give commentaries to clients that are paying for the tour, they have to be registered with the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism.

There is a great deal to learn about the Tour Guide opportunities in South Africa and knowing what the rules and regulations are is the first step. Then finding accredited training institutions to provide the training that required is the next.

With this being such a big industry the tour guide sector of South Africa has been broken down into categories. These are comprised of culture, nature, and adventure guides. Then within these categories there are three levels to be dealt with. These are based on the site or specialist training, as well as Provincial and National levels. While this may seem complex, at the same time it opens up many doors for those that want to advance in this career. The other factor that that must be considered is even when all of the training and accreditation has been given to a graduate as a Tour Guide they must renew their registration every two years.