Exotic Animals Of South Africa

When it comes to species richness, Africa is the fundamental craddle of life as we know it. The “goldilock zone” in which Africa is located, offers the most suitable temperature conditions for life to fully flourish. The continent is home to over 1000 species of mammals and over 2500 birds. The vast variety of species includes also, all kinds of different bugs and fauna, which are extremely rare and typical for Africa. From the mountains to the seaside and from the savanna to the jungle, Africa is home for some extremely rare animals.

shutterstock_380480530Bachelor in biology – the gate to Africa

Some of the most exotic African animals are actually located in the south part of the continent. These species are so different and unique, one can easily classify them as aliens on Earth. Some well known examples for such animals are: the pangolin – a cute, not that big mammal, which is fully covered with extremely strong body armor, protecting it from it’s natural enemies. The bush baby – an amazing cat-like mammal. This small, cute and furry animal is known for the interesting fact, that it can cry like a human baby. If you are interested and curious in what other species inhabit South Africa, consider a bachelor in biology.

Rediscover the amazing South Africa

A lot of people like to think, that they have seen it all on Discovery and other educational TV programs and magazines, but in reality, the feeling, the presence and the expirience of seeing and being out in the real wild South Africa, is a totaly new thing. If you like to explore and you love life in all of it’s peculiar and strange forms, take into consideration a career based on biology. Africa and it’s South will surprise you everytime with new and unlikely forms of life, it is diverse, that even penguins live there, you didn’t know that, did you?