Eco Training and Tour Guiding in South Africa

For those that are wondering what type of career could be waiting for them in South Africa one of the most sought after and rewarding is becoming a Safari guide that is comprised of wildlife training. There are stringent rules that must be adhered to in order to be accredited for this type of career. One of the ways that you can go about this is to really start to do your research inSouthAfricaDecoratedHousesto eco training to determine what the qualifications and skills are that would be needed to follow through with this type of training.

There is so much to learn in this career yet there is definitely no room for boredom. One of the simple yet intriguing segments that many find as a highlight of their training depending on the course that they are taking, is how to identify animal tracks. When looking at the different type of training at that is available to lead one into a career such as this in Southern Africa these can be comprised of:

  • A field guide level I
  • Trails Guide
  • Professional Field Guide

While there are also many people that are not looking at this as a profession there are plenty of courses that are being offered in Eco training. These are geared towards increasing one’s knowledge and to give them an experience while on vacation here that will be most memorable.

Some of these courses take place within a 28 day period and allows the participants first-hand knowledge and experience by living in wilderness camps under the direction of professionals who are highly trained and accredited in these chosen fields.

This type of experience would certainly be a great starting point for those that are not sure that they would want to do this for a living. For those that are not prepared to spend a month of their holidays in South Africa gaining these new experiences there are definitely shorter courses that still offer many wonderful experiences, and certainly will create some lasting memories of their time here in this beautiful natural environment.