Becoming a Trails Guide

If you have been looking into becoming a Nature Guide in Southern Africa you may be under the impression that this is the top level of this type of career. There is4741706117_a0e0381e50_b actually an advanced course that you can take that will take you to the next level which is becoming a trails guide.

Upon successful completion of this type of course you will now be able to conduct on foot safaris that will definitely take you up close to some of South Africa’s most dangerous species. During your training you may actually be exposed to these dangerous creatures such as the buffalo, elephant, lion, leopard, as well as the rhino and the hippo.

Because of this type of safari that is on foot it can be potentially dangerous so your training also has to include how to manage a bolt action rifle. In order to qualify for this course you would have to be 18 years of age or older and also have your qualifications as FGASA Field Guide which is a Nature Guide. You may find that there are several courses available for you to choose from, however you want to be sure that these courses are FGASA certified.

The training for this particular program can be quite rigorous and you may find that you are spending on an average of seven hours a day going through the training process. During this time you are being highly supervised by experts and experienced instructors.

Should you complete the course successfully you should end up with qualifications as a Backup Trails Guide. Please note that there is a difference between a Backup and a Lead Trails Guide so this again opens another door for you should you want to proceed with your training in the Nature Guide field.

For those nature lovers that truly love excitement and want to spend their time outdoors, then there would be no better place to do this than in South Africa and taking on the role as either a Nature Guide or a Back Up Trails Guide.