Becoming a Professional Trails Guide

There are certainly plenty of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors of South Africa by becoming a Nature Guide. You may soon find however, that once you have completed the necessary training to become one that you want more involvemeCape-town-citynt. If this is the case then you can move on to becoming a Professional Field Guide.

Do keep in mind that if you are making this type of decision that you are going to have to spend approximately a year in training to reach your Professional Field Guide status. There are several prerequisites that are in place that you must have in order to qualify for this course. One of these is that you must have six months of work experience as a Nature Guide with the majority at a Five Star Lodge.

While you may be thoroughly enjoying your experience as a Nature Guide, you may have to question yourself as whether you have the qualities that are going to be required to further your career as a professional field guide. While you may enjoy the tranquility of nature, the fact that you are going to be taking out tourists and much more so as a Professional Field Guide you must have good communication skills. It is highly important that you are going to be able to dedicate the time that is going to be needed to qualify yourself. Aside from this you really need to be in good shape and healthy for this type of career.

While you may already possess good driving skills you may have to enhance these with it the training that is involved with a 4 x 4 vehicle. Your priority once you enter into this profession is going to be providing wonderful and exciting experiences for guests that will arrive from all over the world expecting to see what South Africa has to offer them. After the completion of your course you may end up with an opportunity to fill a position that could become vacant for this type of professional.