5 Reasons To Consider A Career Within Biology

Biology studies life and living organisms. Without biology there wouldn’t be a theory of Evolution, there wouldn’t be any knowledge of how and why the human organism functions. Biology is one of the modern fields, which is growing with huge rates. One of the final frontiers of biology is genetics and the DNA structure of living organisms. Through biology you can understand how the body produces energy. Currently we are gathering information about different types of energy and renewable energy. Many of the new studies show that maybe the answers are in our own biology.

shutterstock_383406346The new age of biology

Entering the new era of technology, everyone is focused on the technical side of life. If you become a Bachelor in biology you can be the one to make the difference. Many machines and vehicles that we use today, are made by people who studied the behavior or biology of animals. There are many kinds of technical inspirations that we can gather through learning about animals or plants. A simple example of the collaboration between biology and technology is “bioelectromagnetics”. Field which studies the electromagnetic fields that are produced by living cells, organisms or tissues.

The one who makes the change

You can be the person who can make a difference in the new era of biology. There are new methods in industrial Engineering using inspiration through biology. There are many path which you can take in biology. There is for example micro-biology, where you can study micro-organisms. This branch of biology helps us cure many different types of illnesses. Maybe somewhere still not having its bachelors in biology there is a person who can cure cancer. The opportunities are endless and its up to you to decide whether you want to change the science world or not.